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Keeki's Best Friends Gift Pack includes:

  • .5 fl. oz. Base Coat
  • .5 fl. oz. Top Coat


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Base Coat Ingredients: Corn alcohol, acrylate copolymer emulsion.

Top Coat Ingredients: Water, acrylate copolymer emulsion, glycol ethers.

How to apply Keeki Pure and Simple Non-toxic Nail Polish:

1) Clean nails with Keeki Nail Polish Remover or soap and water

2) Apply one thin coat of Keeki Nail Polish and wait one minute

3) Apply second thin coat of Keeki Nail Polish and wait one minute

4) For extra shine, apply one thin layer of Keeki Top Coat

5) Wait at least 60 minutes for contact with water for best results

6) To remove, saturate a cotton ball with Keeki Nail Polish Remover, hold on the nail for one minute to loosen  & rub off

* For extra long wear apply one thin coat of Keeki Base Coat to the tips of your nails before polish.

Customer Reviews
Review By: Lindsy
I was blown away with how long my Keeki nail polish lasted when used in combination with the base and top coat. I have never had polish stay so nice for so long even when I was using conventional polish. I usually start to get chips within a day or two, but with the Keeki base and top coat my nails looked as nice as they did on day 1 for at least a week!
A must have!
Review By: Jenn
Keeki base and top coat helped each mani to stay chip free, smooth and glossy for 5 - 7 days. The top coat is surprisingly lush and glossy. If your polish application is not perfect, it also helps to smooth out any imperfections. I have tried many other water-based polish systems and Keeki is far superior! If you watched the application video, she mentions to use 2 coats of top coat for a gel-like finish. It is absolutely true! Many times my Keeki mani has been mistaken for a gel mani : )
Karen S.
Review By: Karen
In the scheme of life's important issues the ability to wear nail polish is perhaps, not high on everyones list. That being said, I am ecstatic that after 35 years I can once again wear polish. Nail polish helps give a woman a sense of elegance and a feeling of "being put together and polished!" (No pun intended) As a teenager, I was constantly polishing my nails to the point of changing my polish when any sign of a chip appeared. It was, therefore, not uncommon for me to change my polish nearly every day. Perhaps that was the start of my polish allergy. I began to notice my eyes swelling and my nose and mouth area appearing red and puffy. Finally, after seeking medical care, my dermatologist discovered, after a 48 hour patch test, the polish was indeed the culprit. So, for the next 35 years the best I could do was get my nails buffed. Polish was taboo. Last Mother's Day my daughter discovered your product and, as a surprise, ordered a gift trio set for the occasion. My life has changed! Aside from getting engaged and showing off my ring 47 years ago, I can't remember when I last flaunted my hands as much as I have this year! Your polish is easy to apply, odorless, and long lasting. If my hints for this Mother's Day are taken seriously, perhaps a few more bottles of your polish will be destined to come my way. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again for something so little which,to me, means so much. My nails thank you and I thank you! An enthusiastic and overjoyed customer!
Great top and base coat for finger and toe nails!
Review By: Bgprod
When used together this product seems to protect my nails longer than other products I have used in the past. Dries fast too.
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