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Inside Keeki | Our Roots

Our Roots

Keeki Pure & Simple is the creation of Natalie Bauss, a mom of two, who lives on an organic farm in West Michigan. Bauss, a California native with 20 years of experience as an esthetician and a background in sales and marketing, had been checking out reference works from the library and conducting exhaustive research in her quest to make wholesome products for her own friends and family. "I started out creating recipes in my kitchen from things we'd grown on the farm, just experimenting," she says. As a mother of a now 15 year old daughter she became amazed at what she had discovered about the cosmetic industry. She began to understand that her maternal instincts could not let her daughter or her daughter's friends go anywhere near certain products, even if they were being sold in some of the biggest retail stores in America. As research and experience turned into a lifelong obsession, which is now culminating into one of the most ecofriendly, and sound product lines in the market today. Natalie hopes to take her message to women and teens everywhere.

What started as a kitchen experiment for her own kids and their friends, has grown into an international brand in just two short years! With the sky as the limit Keeki Pure and Simple is here to start a trend which is aimed at the sound mind, body, and soul of every woman on this planet. Now, Bauss and the Keeki Team provide safe products for girls and women all over the world.


Meet Kiana...AKA "Keeki"
Keeki is a smart, eco-minded teen who helps run the office when she's not in school. She develops, tests and critiques all products before they hit the shelves. Since Keeki Pure & Simple was founded with girls like her in mind, Keeki helps influence company decisions on behalf of the teen generation.

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