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Closer to the earth doesn’t have to mean gritty, grainy or goopy. Our KPS Essentials line was designed with luxe in mind, offering you a sophisticated product made from proprietary blends of food-grade oils and organic, plant-based cellular compounds. 
Meet Renu.
Your skin is your largest organ, but it’s also your greatest storyteller; it can recount childhood memories of scars left from skinned knees or showcase decades of hard work under the sun on the family farm. While some stories are fun to revisit, others aren’t so pleasant; you deserve to share at your own pace, on your own terms. Our Renu product line, led by our Renu Face Cream, puts starting anew at the forefront of your skincare regimen and leaves the storytelling up to you. 
With our Renu product line, you can expect the following:
Volumizing stem-cell differentiation
Collagen growth
Intercellular energy development through introduction of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)
Botanically-infused organic argan, olive, jojoba and coconut oils
Our proprietary blend of essential oils
Renu Face Cream
Renu Face Cream combines ingredients to firm, volumize and hydrate skin, delaying the desire for costly, potentially dangerous cosmetic procedures. We formulated KPS Renu with organic elements to bring your skincare regimen closer to the earth: plant-based amino acids to boost your body's collagen production; botanically infused organic oils; our proprietary mixture of hyaluronic acids for hydration nine times more effective; plant-based molecules to volumize your skin; and our proprietary blend of essential oils to aid in your skin's overall health.